Today’s mentions

The more I go deeper in this subject of publishing the “best of the day”, the more I realize how difficult it is to pick the real “best” in my humble opinion. There are really go shares over at instagram to make a fair choice… So today I decided to also mention those I hardly eliminated as the best shot of the day before I post my choice of the “best”…

So there is my first mention from @stockhausen. What I actually liked about this photo is not just one…

I like the lighting first which leaves the subject of the photo in some sort of darkness though you can still distinguish clearly. I also like the subject standing facing not us but just the opposite direction. The composition as a whole deserves the mention and more…

The second mention goes to @invont. This type of photos are most of the time likely to receive my likes since I am in love with the minimalist approach. The silhouette of the man makes you think, really think… You could even write a whole story about it.


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