Best of the Month: Vintage Bottles

Let me first make a brief discription of what I share under the topic “Best of the Month”. It is actually a photo I shared on Instagram to collect the highest number of likes in the last 30-day-period. So what you get under this topic are going to be my own photos. Therefore, this was one of my previous shares on the weekly photo challenge (Theme: Together) on my other blog and also on instagram. I had a total of 46 likes. Not a bad number when I look at the average likes on my photos 🙂

I actually saw this set of coca-cola bottles in the super market, displaying the changing bottles in over the 125 years of coca-cola. Although I’m personally not a fan of the drink itself, I admit I loved these bottles 🙂 There are in fact 4 bottles but I could only (and hardly) fit there of them in the square instagram format…




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