Daily Mentions: Berlin Olympic Stadium

Sorry that I had to skip saturday and sunday because my social schedule was quite loaded :)… But I’m happy to announce my top “likes” of the final 3 days. Leaving the Best of the Day to the next post, below you’ll find the 3 mentions.

First mention is coming from @lucasaustin. I think this one is one of the best “silhouette” photo I’ve seen so far. And it’s not only that. The light coming back from the object (in this case the guy) increases the effect of silhouette dramatically (in a good way of course) :).

I have this thing for the city shots. There could be a psychological reason behind that but before I go and see a shrink 🙂 let me mention @j_business for this great artwork from Chicago. As usual the black & white and the angled position puts a lot to this shot. No need to mention the sun reflection from the surface of the skyscraper in the middle.

This last one for today is from @vince_fortier. Quite a good work of perspective and geometry of Berlin Olympic Stadium almost was being picked as the best of the day. I love the lightly saturated form, too.

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