Daily Mentions: The Red Umbrella

Dear visitors, the first mention of day is coming from @jhonasf. The reason I picked this photo as one of the mantions is the black/white/red effect of the filter. Everything except the umbrella on the photo is black-and-white which makes the umbrella stand out even more. I also love the reflection of rain which adds up more character to the photo.

The second mention is coming from @j_business. I, personally find a lot of depth in this photo of this flying birds and clouds in the background. The greenish color lens is not very common on instagram. But I think I love it in this photo.

Guy Paris is one of my favorite followings on the Instagram. I love the vintage and close up approach on this photo. If you want to see more photos like this please visit his profile on statigram. I’m sure you’re going to find more (you can find the url on the photo).


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