Weekly Mentions: The Carnival

Now that I have been away from blogging for the entire week, it would be fair to say “weekly mentions” instead of daily. So this week’s first mention is for @doc2cat. A photo from a carnival and the guy in a fancy costume. There is lots of colors as well as fun in this photo and it also looks quite sexy, too :).

The second mention of the week goes to @kyoko_zzz. It’s a nice black and white photo taken under a tunnel and the cam (or iphone?) is apparently quite tilted. There is a nice depth in the photo which gives the architecture its basic the character.

And welcome Koshi_another_side who had one of the “best of the day” shots in the previous weeks. This one is a very nice snapshot of three men jumping all at the same time and apparently the timing when the photo was taken was quite precise and neat. This is a clever one!


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