About ME

Back in July 2011, when I first got my iPhone4, one of the first apps that I downloaded was Instagram. Since then I have been sharing photos that I took and edited on the iphone. I’ll try to stick with this idea.

After even less than a year, on 10th May 2012, I started this blog to basicly share my photos from instagram, the most liked ones in the last 30 days (as we can call it “a month” 🙂 ) and those I have selected among the users’ I have been following.

So let me give you couple of links about me:

This is my gallery page on statigram: http://statigr.am/tfenerci

Some info about my gallery on instacanv.as: Gallery on Instacanv.as

Some stats on instagram here: Stats on Instagram

Me on Twitter 🙂 @tfenerci

By the way, I’m also planning to…

  • Get polls online for voting for the best of the week/month/year
  • Publish best photos in each category
  • Start a group page on Flickr
  • Introduce apps that I like best

I’ll get you notified on this blog when I get them ready… Honestly I’m in no hurry at the moment 🙂

Hope you enjoy my blog and please don’t hesitate to write your comments here on this page! 🙂


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